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Panda Kolhapuri Chappal

Panda Kolhapuri Chappal

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Rs. 1,699.00
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Rs. 1,499.00


  • pandas are bears that are native to China Designer kohlapuri panda flat comfortable and fashionable.
  • Exclusively designed by artists to provide you with unique artistic footwear experience,fun and colourful designs,amazing fit will give you a whole day long comfort.Pair up it with any attire,day or evening.
  • A hand-crafted product. A collection of genuine export quality leather kolhapuri’s, durable and comfortable and other footwear contains a large volume of variety.
  • Chappal comes in a variety of design, patterns, and colors. Which can be easily matched with the outfit you wear and give you the entire look.
  • They add the natural element to the product which makes it truly one of a kind his product is made from leather on the inside and outside and is finished in an attractive brown color.
  • It features leather sole, slip on closure, and are designed to be used as casual wear footwear.
  •  Faux Leather
  •  Handpainted & handcrafted
  • Cleaning Instructions: Clean gently with a soft cloth, do not rub

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