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Oud Haneen Ittar- 8ml- Arabian Luxuries

Oud Haneen Ittar- 8ml- Arabian Luxuries

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An Exclusive Popular Arabian Perfume Oil from the world renowned Al-Haramain range. Haneen Attar is a fragrance elegantly built on Dehnal Oudh and Thaifi roses, refined and harmoniously rounded by a note of premium amber and sandlewood. This is an elegant, exhilarating and lofty fragrance suitable to formal occasions as well as everyday use. 

As this is a concentrated high quality fragrance, all you need is a few drops on and it will last for rest of the day unlike other perfumes where you have to reapply.

Pamper yourself (or gift someone) with this unique, tranquilising perfume.

This Exclusive perfume is a MUST HAVE! Not only does it smell so divine but its presentation and finish is exceptional! It looks great and will definitely stand out in your fragrance collection!

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