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Natural Rose Essential Oil, rose essential oil on face, rose essential oil pure, 100% organic rose essential oil

Natural Rose Essential Oil -10 ml

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An extremely popular oil, rose essential oil is known for its medical and cosmetic benefits.Rose oil uses include topical application to create an inspiring atmosphere and elevated spiritual experiences. Its sweet, rich aroma encourages feelings of positive self-reflection and can create an uplifted feeling when inhaled.

Rose oil has also been used topically for thousands of years, and today it can be found in many skin care products. It is very good for your skin and lightens scars as well as the signs of ageing. It can help combat depression and stress. It is very good for your digestive system. It stimulates the circulation of blood to all your organs, keeping your body healthy. It can protect you from viral and bacterial infections that occur internally and externally. Rose oil is one of the most valuable essential oils you can acquire.

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