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Our Story

Some people begin with a “keeda” – for the non hindi speakers- “keeda” is an insect that would keep wriggling and wriggling and never settle down for anything! Full of those wriggling anxieties, dreams, aspirations and a non-dying inspiration of doing simple things extra- ordinary way, we began our journey!

We make a world that believes in not just being out of the box – but feels why the heck do we have to go only with the box- why not a story on a shoe or some drama on your tee! A world which questions- why not?-   and a world which answers not so monotonously!

The motivation is to do something which can keep us busy- daily- make us think, strive and work on our toes to get bigger, better and faster. A young breaming (not any more) startup from London for things made in India, created to provide quality and innovation in the handcraft industry. Seeded and ideated in London, the brand has a mix of Indian and Western culture- The product Ideas having a classic western thought and the make of the prdocuts to suit the Indian Culture and Audience.

Yes- Hand painted, handprinted have that kind of an edge- da’ah to the people who say only Chinese stuff sells like a million dollar- Of course not Bitch!

Connecting you to London’s thoughts and India's most beautiful, distinctive and its own kind of products- we bring the two worlds a little closer together. Customizing from shoes to tees and much much more with artisans and craftsmen all over the world. Yes there might be glitches, but we still compare beauty with the moon- full of craters, still used as a synonym to describe beauty in true sense.