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“Madam Married ho?”- The Unhealthy Chat Process Culture

“Madam married ho?” – asks a guy who knew our executives name- ofcourse she was a girl- men on a customer care aren’t asked such questions. She did not reply and ignored it- again comes the question- “hey dear bataya nahi aapne?” – imagine the plight women go through for doing her job. A simple easy “get help” as a chat option on the website becomes a nightmare- How shameful is that!


Another one says “I Love you”- what fuckall mentality is this of these disgusting men. Our executive said- “sir apki photo aur ye screenshot agar viral kardun to?”- and the game changed- the guy then said “sorry didi”. I mean how pityful is the act of ill-growing of these men are who  behave like filthy shitholes- perhaps grow to become women molesters or perhaps rapists.

Unhealthy flirting has been a part and parcel of our so called Growing Indian Culture- Things might have improved under some roofs, in office premises where strict actions can be taken- yet then what about this social media flirting where people go beyond their limits so easily. We talk about how the Customer should be the “King”- yet forget that the king must behave like one- else needs to know that the person sitting behind the screen has a voice too.

No photo of the executive, no age description, a married status that is asked for- more disgusting than a Zomato delivery guy eating food only because he was hungry!

From those Women executives to all those who dared to flirt- Fuck you Assholes!- UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

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