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Hand painted… My Foot!

There wouldn't really be anything like retro or yesteryear’s fashion. A few trends do come back but with a modern twist. People have their own preferences and some may even share their preferences with us.
Let’s Talk a little from where we began! from traditionally handmade things to the European culture of mass making goods and now back to what we call- The Custom HandMade designer Goods- Yes Handmade, Yes not mass Produced!
The Handcraft is a pioneer with hand painted shoes- India’s first Hand painted shoes iterated and put in production back when the market was running up with shoes that were basic, monotonous. Theme based shoes have been a concept now covering the market&creating buzz. Yes- we have been made people wear 2 concepts with the crazy number of different colors on a pair. Breaking the monotony with these hand painted shoes ideas.
Just Think…!! How will it look if one wears a hand painted Banno Tera Swagger Shoe- with heavy Wedding Lenhga? This makes them the desired adornments people want to have in their choices to wear and be able to express their enjoyment that these items are part of their identity, which violates the natural process of personal choice.
Be it the minimalistic flower painted shoes to go with your subtle office look or two tone shoes – the very famous lady boss shoes , our hand painted custom shoes are pure sheer to look and wear. Designed to suit your persona, dress and occasion, these shoes have been curated on demand by brides, travelers, yogis, doctors (dentists in specific!!), new moms and super dads.
Let's paint your wardrobe with these- they surely will add up to a smile for those Monday blues!
 Across India, and hence the shoe is worn with lehengas, bachelorette dresses and even night suits at the bachelorette nights.

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