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A Shoe Dedicated to a New Age Manchester fan Kickass Father!

Some families are a beautiful show down of Family goals- an example of how wonderful people are in and out. This shoe from a very thoughtful lady, Ashma who helped a friend of her to design a shoe for her husband!

Rahul with kids!

So , As she explains- Rahul is a family man. The Manchester United Fan and the new age father- who sets examples of how its not just the wife, but the man also to raise the kids equally! The Shoe needed to have the father, the kids and a flavor of Rahul too!

The Manchester logo on the left and the Super Father Rahul with the kids

There was another beautiful element to be added to these custom shoes- The Airplanes- We asked Why? The little story behind

Rahul is one of the founders to an organisation called Simple Education -the logo for which is the Airplanes. Th initiative is dedicated to change the education in the government schools.

A big big big Hug to this kick-ass couple who is making it large with little things in life.

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